ASANEX® is a liquid anti-microbial, mainly anti-mould suspension substance with a whitening effect designated to a complex sanation of moist walls and basements, as well as bathrooms, fruit and vegetable storage rooms ect. This substance is efficient against a large scale of microorganism, which is capable of spreading on moist walls.The substance has an immediate and preventative effect. The hypochloride destroys mould colonies almost immediatelly along with other microorganism, and within about 30 minutes a whitening effect appears. Disinfection and bleaching effect take about 3 hours. Thereafter, the anti-microbial component Ansilver® Profi (containing the active silver compound) destroys spawn of mould actively with a long-lasting effect, and stops a growth of new colonies of microorganisms. The efficient substances are sodium hypochloride and silver chloride.

Asanex® is one of not too many acute mould liquidators on the market, containing not only hypochloride for disinfection but also an active silver which has preventive effect. This means fewer applications are needed, consequently the brickwork won´t absorb as much of hypochloride, which helps to keep the plaster stay on for much longer. This product has been on the market for many years and our consumers tend to come back to this substance for its undeniable efficiency.