ANSILVER® Profi is a modern ecological mix against mould and bacteria. It is containing biogenic compounds of silver designated to prevention and sanation of an interior and exterior of buildings. Most of all, it can be used for stabilization and preventive treatment of a plaster, can be put into a coating and grouting substances. The advantage of this mix are: eco-friendly, harmless to health, and a long-lasting effect. Its properties predetermine it to be used in places where microbe-free environment is a priority, mainly in residential spaces, food storage rooms, food service lines, healthcare facility. The mix is approved to be used for indirect contact with food.

ANSILVER® Profi can be used for a long-term protection against mould in any area. It can be added into the paints,where it serves as a long-term protection after the walls dry out. Moulds are usually spread in the surrounding space and not only in the foundation, thus it is important to include the mold protection even into the last layer of the paint.

Watch out for a constantly moist foundation where the the odds for slow drying are high! Spots can appear as a result. Ansilver® Profi can be added into the mortar mix, grouting substances ect. It proved to be beneficial when applied in flooding areas. Ansilver® Profi was sprayed on drying walls, which prevented moulds to grow.

Ansilver®Profi is made in a powder form, thus has no expiration date and can last for years.