AERO-THERM® industry

Product description

AERO-THERM® industry have been developed based on a request for a material which would be mechanically more resistant than AERO-THERM® (which has been used in industry for years) and it would show more flexibility.

Its use depends on a consumer´s individual request. It is also used as a formation along with AERO-THERM®.

Since AERO-THERM® industry can be sprayed on all varieties of foundation and components ( stainless containers in food-processing, sand dryers, hot press furnaces, furnaces for smelting aluminium), it is an easy, fast and energy efficient solution. Moreover, it has a positive effect on a thermal ballast of a working place, which makes this product interesting in terms of OSH.

Application area

AERO-THERM® industry can be applied on metal constructions of building and equipment, or on other technological equipment such as furnaces, pressing machines,tempering chambers, dryers, pipelines ect.