Mould elimination system

To ensure interior coating works properly and long-term, the moulded surface should be treated with suitable compound before AERO-THERM®´s application.

ASANEX® acute mould liquidation

For an acute mould liquidation use anti-bacterial compound ASANEX® based on an active silver , which desinfects and bleaches the surface.

ANSILVER PROFI® long-term protection against moulding

The loose mix of ANSILVER PROFI® based on an active silver acts as a prevention against moulds as deep as 5 cm. It can be used on walls the paint has been removed, cam be added into the colours, grounting compounds, mortar ect, just anywhere moulds could appear.


It strenghtens and unifies the surface before applying AERO-THERM® thermo active coating. Penetrace is breathable, which plays an important role in AERO-THERM®´s proper effectivity.

AERO-THERM® the cause of mould elimination

Through AERO-THERM® application we can get rid of thermal bridges because temperature of the walls rises 2-3°C. It helps significantly with removing molds and therefore we were able to include this product into the system fighting moulds.

To learn more about this topic and the struggle with moulds go to (CZECH).