AERO-THERM® is a coating putty, which can be applied to peripheral surfaces of walls, ceilings, slants, and into the structure of floors according to the greatest heat loss and construction defects found. It can be used as an insulation in places where the building cannot be insulated from the outer side, for example: if the customer is a flat owner in a residential building and wishes to insulate solely his own residence or during the resindence reconstruction where flooring causes the main heat loss. There is a wide range of options for utilization of AERO-THERM®. Often times it is being applied in places where thermal comfort has not been accounted for as a neccessity. AERO-THERM® also finds its use in buildings with external insulation, as well as in spaces without heating.

Examples of application

  • residential rooms adjoining hallways
  • rooms cooling down due to insufficient insulation of the floors
  • inadequate construction which is not complying to the new standards (stairway´s walls about 30 cm wide)

AERO-THERM´s great benefit amongs the others is slower thermal bridge during transition to a subduet regime, which leads to considerable heating energy cost savings. AERO-THERM®´s positive properties are provable during cooling of a heated space. Equally, the object reaches its required temperature faster.

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