THERMO INDUSTRY, a.s. is a manufacturing company specializing in ultra-thin coatings for building interiors which produces AERO-THERM® and supplies complementary products combined under the name ŠPANIEL SYSTEM.

AERO-THERM was developed over several years using nanotechnology and is based on a unique combination of 3M glass microspheres and aerogel, the world’s best thermal insulator, in a layer thinner than 1.0 mm. It is designed to be applied to any surface material in the interior of enclosed spaces.

AERO-THERM 3-in-1 coating offers to the private, commercial, public and industrial sectors an effective solution to increase the energy performance of buildings, machinery and equipment, thereby achieving financial savings, to improve thermal comfort in homes and workplaces, and to prevent condensation and mould occurring indoors.

Our long experience with this type of ultra-thin coating enables us to provide detailed technical expertise and specific product application to our customers on a daily basis.

We offer our business partners comprehensive product information and technical support and at the same time require them to undergo full training with us so that their customers receive the best advice possible for their insulation requirements.

Helping improve our living indoor environment is our objective.