We deal with production and development of thermo active coating AERO-THERM®

  • Thermal properties of AERO-THERM® coating are made by combining of thermoreflection and thermoisolation.
  • AERO-THERM® series coating improves thermal comfort, lowers energy costs of buildings, machinery and equipment.
  • AERO-THERM® products contain microballs, which secure decrease of thermal conductivity due to the fact that they are hollow and partially vacuum or filled with special gas. Some products contain an aerogel as well. We use high quality fillings, dispersions, and additives by world well- known producers.
  • Effective layer of application is 0,8 – 1,00 mm.
  • Our experience shows considerable benefits of AERO-THERM® application in objects with already existing external insulation.
  • Procedures followed in measuring the properties and effectiveness of AERO-THERM® thermo active coating in the interior, have been approved by the testing center BRE in London.

How does the thermo active coating work?

The thermo active coatingis notas new as one may think. Some users have been gaing their experience with this kind of material for over 5 years. However, we have constantly been facing the pressure of a consumer on a question of how many centimeters of a styrofoam or wool insulation can be replaced by the thermo active AERO-THERM® coating.

The thermo active coating cannot be categorized as a thermal insulation. Mainly because of its specific properties.The coefficient of thermal conductivity(λ) isn´t, in this case, important at all, unlike in case of a traditional insulation.

AERO-THERM® thermo active coating has an impact on air flow inside the building when applied on the inner walls, ceiling or floor. The coating´s properties help the temperature measured near the ground and near the ceiling reach equillibrium in short time thus the thermal comfort is attained faster.

The radiation component of the heating, as well as other thermal sources ( PC, T.V, human ect.) make AERO-THERM® to warm up quickly and considerable part of the heat radiates back into the space. This way the area warms up faster and the time to reach the thermal comfort becomes shorter.The heat releases slowly into the structural construction.

The construction has its peripheral temperature higher than surrounding constructions ot objects, when treated with AERO-THERM® coating. This fact eliminates air moisture condensation and moulding.

The thermal slope is slowed down when the interior temperature decreases and turns into the subduet regime. Thus the coating exhibits favourable properties during cooling of the heated space.

Stated properties allow changing of the set up heating regime and lowering of temperature 2-3 °C. Energy savings following application of the AERO-THERM® coating show upto 50%.

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